Kid Built Computer

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Kid Built Computer

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This video shows how to build a raspberry pi microcomputer from a kit.  The kit cost $70.00 but if you have a usb wall charger and a hdmi cable you can do the same basic thing for the cost of the chip alone ($35.00) heck if you want a cheaper kit with a little less functionality the Pi zero kit is less than $25.00.

I got the more powerful Pi 3 because I was not sure if this would hold my boy’s attention and if he discards it I want to make a network attached storage (NAS) server so that I can store all my prepper files in a intranet.  My goal is to put all my files in a wordpress setup and run that from a blackberry pi so that when we move to the land (the land without internet) I can access my documents from wherever I am teaching or working at.

So far though, my son is having a good time watching youtube and exploring the features in the KANO operating system.

The kit I bought has a micro SD card preloaded with the typical operating system used on raspberry pi builds, but I wanted to use the kid friendly Kano OS.  In a later post I will show you how to load that on a micro SD card.

Snapping this kid built computer together is pretty easy.  Simply install a couple of heat sinks, snap the board in the case, plug in a power supply, a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse.  Stick in the micro SD card with an operating system and its ready to go.

The hardest part of this build was doing it and holding the camera.  Somehow my tripod broke so please forgive the wonky footage.

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