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12 Piece Carbon Steel Wood Carving Set Review


 Kincrea 12 Set Carbon Steel Wood Carving Tools
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This 12 Set of Carbon Steel Wood Carving Tools by Kincrea is a great deal. I used it straight out to the box to carve some things for my son. These are the easiest to use carving tools I have ever owned. They make it much easier for me get my projects done.

I wasn’t expecting a lot for a 12 piece kit costing less than $14.00 but it exceeded my expectations.  The kit came with 12 different chisels, each with a tight fitting protective cap and a decent storage case.

They were sharp enough to use right out of the package, but it would not hurt to do a little more sharpening, especially if you are carving hard wood.

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While I used mine on some pine boards, I think that this October I may use it on pumpkins.  I think that they will really shine cutting the softer pumpkin skin.

I never was a very good whittler, I have a nice sized scar down my thigh from attempting to carve a boat back in middle school.  I had read about carving chains and captive balls in a single piece of wood, but my swiss army knife and my skill level never met at a sucessful level.

I think now that I have better tools and more patience, I may get a whittling book and try again.

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  1. Fake Dave Fake Dave

    This is a neat chair, the tools look okay, but I bet cutting it out with a jigsaw would have looked cooler

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