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Why The M6 Scout is One of the Best Homestead Rifles


Shooting: The M6 Scout is One of the Best Homestead Rifles
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The M6 scout was one of the first rifles I bought when I got out of the Marines.  I kept it in a case in he back of my car for decades.  The gun was originally designed as a survival tool attached to the ejection seat of American fighter planes.

Originally this was designed to be .22 Hornet and .410 but the commercial models are typically .22 LR and .410.  The civilian guns are also a shade longer as the Air Force models are considered Short Barrel Rifles per the National Firearms Act.

Why The M6 Scout is One of the Best Homestead Rifles

I think the M6 Scout is one of the best homestead rifles you can have because it is light, short, and handy.  It is large enough to take care of most varmints and powerful enough to hunt small game.  It is of a simple design and is both safe and rugged.

You do not have to use a scope on the rifle.  It has a rear sight that flips to either calibrate to the .22 or the .410.  However, it is tapped for a scope mount.  If you get a M6 I would suggest a scope, and know where to find the best rimfire scope.

If you are going to have a beat around truck or tractor gun then this is a model to consider.  I keep the .410 side loaded because it is perfect for killing poisonous snakes I find in the brush as I clear off the homestead.

Since it is a break open with a hammer and a selector switch, I can keep the ,410 loaded and the selector on the unloaded top .22 barrel and feel very confident in the safety of the gun.  I have to both select the .410 barrel and cock the hammer to fire.

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