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How to Use a Magazine Rack for Can Storage

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I am quite happy with my cardboard can organizers.  They have survived a couple moves and several years of can foods being stored in them.  However, they are sized for normal sized cans.

I still need something for can drinks, tuna cans, and tomato paste cans.

Here is a good tip for those odd sized cans.

As soon as I saw a picture on pinterest of someone using a Magazine Rack for Can Storage I knew it was worth exploring.

To be honest, I still like my cardboard can organizer better, and finding the right sized magazine racks can be a chore, but this does work well.  It is probably also sturdier over time than the cardboard can organizers.  I know it would move better if you aren’t someone that stays in one place.

I hope you find it to be useful.

If you have other tips or things you would like to share or see tried out.  Please feel free to contact me.  I am always looking for good ideas to share.  I probably just need to spend more time on Pinterest, but since most of the good ideas are on mom sites, I have to be sure my wife doesn’t think I am out looking for the wrong stuff.

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