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How to Make a Mini Tabasco Oil Lamp


DIY: Mini Tabasco Oil Lamp
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We have done oil lamps before, but today we are going to make a Mini Tabasco Oil Lamp.

If you have one of those mini Tabasco bottles – (in some MREs or you can purchase below) its easy to turn it into a lamp.

Use the bottle until it’s empty and then clean it out.

Next, fill ¾ full with oil or lamp fuel, and then either trim down a conventional wick, or insert a pulled out and tightly rolled cotton ball or cotton roving.

The natural fiber will pull out the oil and allow you to have a very lightweight candle that is probably smaller than your lighter.

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  1. Oil lamps are one of, I think, the greatest inventions ever. Sure it seems like a simple and primitive device, but it also was the main provider of something we all have to have so we don’t run into walls or trip and break things we all need, LIGHT.

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