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Phantom Soldier

Book Review: Phantom Soldier
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John Poole is one of the few authors whose books have been reviewed multiple times on this site. That is because I find them particularly useful to the prepping community.

I don’t think firearms and defensive postures are the most important aspect to preppers, but they are in the top three.

In Poole’s book Phantom Soldier he shows how Asiatic cultures have evolved countermeasures to American firepower.

If you can envision a time where you may have to fight a large and powerful enemy while being outgunned and under-supplied, then this book had tips that may save your life.

Besides being useful, and giving me lots of things to think about with how history has played out, and how things may have been different if we though through enemy action using their mindset instead of ours – this book was entertaining.

Poole really knows his stuff – even if he does stir the pot a little with his superiors…

I found the discussion of how Vietnamese forces used guns as signalling devices was enlightening.  How we thought snipers were not that effective – sitting in trees and firing relatively ineffectively – when they may be just signalling.  His discussion of the use of grenades was also very interesting to me.

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