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Public Safety Response – Sampling Techniques and Guidelines


Public Safety Response - Sampling Techniques and Guidelines
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I recently took some courses  on Public Safety Response classes from LSU and the Homeland Security Consortium,  This one is was this on Sampling techniques and guidelines.

Awesome Class

It was an awesome class, as are most of the consortium classes. You see my head a couple of times in the video.  However, many of my coworkers at my day job were featured. If you are a first responder, I would recommend looking into this kind of DHS training.  It is federally funded and does not cost your agency anything.  It greatly increases your response capabilities.

They Made This Video During My Course, But I Was Deemed Too Ugly to Participate

I post it here because the video was taken from the actual class I was in.  Many of my co-workers were selected to be interviewed on it.  I am too ugly to be on video that is not produced by me.  So I was not selected to Participate.  If you pay close attention you may see me running around in a hazardous material suit.  I really do justice to a full Level A suit.

The class was very helpful to me as a hazmat technician, but also in my role as a resource coordinator for emergency response.  By knowing what can be done, the better I am able to get what is needed.

I know a lot of preppers are concerned with the government, and are afraid of the department of homeland security.  While I understand (and occasionally share) those feelings, not all of the programs are intrusive.  the public safety response classes are geared toward providing life saving training to local first responders to make them more capable of saving lives.


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