How to Make Rounds for a Beer Can Mortar


How to Make Rounds for a Beer Can Mortar
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I am showing how I make my beer can mortar rounds because in searching the net I found that no one else had, sure the cool feral cat hunting post shows how to make a mortar, and I did see an image of a tub of projectiles, but no where could I find good instructions.

Its pretty simple, cut the top off an aluminum beer can, and fill with a cement mix.  I have read that some use sand and then top it with a cement cap, but I have also heard that the can comes off like a sabot and lands in a flat plate a few feet from the muzzle of the mortar.

I heard that readymix turns to gravel, and that plaster of paris is best.

I decided to use type n mortar because it was cheap and I had a bag sitting around.

I tried shoveling some mortar in wet, and did a few with dry mortar and adding water.

The second was was easiest and fastest.  I won’t know which is best till I get some field time.


For general shooting both ways works well.  I think that the wet mortar way is best, but not enough to make a difference.

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