Spray Foam in a Conex Box

Spray Foam in a Conex Box
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spray foam in conexThis is an experiment in using spray foam alone to insulate a conex box. This particular spray foam in a conex box idea did not work, as the box developed condensation inside which caused the spray foam to fall off.

If I had supported the spray foam by adding a sheet of foam or other backer the spray foam in a conex box would have stayed up.  Additionally, I think that if I would have done it in a warmer time, or roughed the pain to allow better adhesion it would have worked better.

The next plan is probably better (and cheaper) as I will use my foam cutter to slice foam board into strips to glue into the conex side corrugation and then I will use spray foam to seal the sheets into a single mass.

In reality, I bought a foam nozzle that spread the foam into a wide stream and wanted to try it out.  I did not really think this would work, and kinda did not want it to, as a can of foam is around $5.00 and it took a can to do about one and a half strips – which would mean it would be cheaper to pay a commercial spray foam installer to come and putspray foam in a conex box

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