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Survival Items No Hunter Should Be Without

Survival Items No Hunter Should Be Without
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I ended up on writing this post on Survival Items No Hunter Should Be Without especially for the novice hunters or for those who take hunting as a very safe and secure task.

If you think that you will go and get the animal and will be back within hours, it’s not really that simple.

Like everything else, there’s a dark side of hunting. You can go astray, get injured or may face any misadventure.

So, the best you can do, before wandering off the beaten path, is to be well-prepared and well equipped, to face any undesirable incident. And for that, you must have some essential survival items no hunter should be without.

Must-have Life-Saving Survival Items!

Talking of survival gear, the list could be as long as you wish. But being a backpack hunter or adventurer, you have to make sure that you pack an easy-to-carry weight on your back. So, the items, I have enlisted here, sit right on the measure of safety and comfort.


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A whistle on the hunting field is not just a tool, it’s your source of connection with the outer world. In case, you go astray or get stuck somewhere in the middle of the forest, a whistle plays the role of a signaling tool.

Blowing of the whistle by the stranded hunter may signify his presence to the other hunters (or any other fellow) around. And he may get help on time.

Note: For a better result, buy safety whistles that produce louder sounds and not the common toy whistles of your kids.


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At least I can’t imagine a hunting trip without a LED flashlight.

A LED flashlight is preferred because it promises a better battery timing (with aa batteries) and that is the most important thing while you are staying disoriented in the dark surroundings.

A small and handy LED flashlight, that easily fits in your hand or pocket, is highly recommended.


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Calling a compass, a great life-saver would not be wrong. But there is no use of carrying one if you don’t know how to use it. With a little bit of guidance, you can learn its functioning.

It’s the best thing that literally saves you from getting lost. If not a compass, a GPS unit or even mobile GPS can work for you.

There are many great GPS apps on the cell phone that feature a detailed mapping information of the required area.


Waterproof Map

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In such areas of wilderness, it would be quite risky to go without a map. Make sure you have a waterproof map of the area; you are going to hunt as the weather in such areas is extremely unpredictable. You never know when it starts to rain or snow.

A Swiss Army Knife

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If you have it, you have everything. For such hunting expeditions, a Swiss Army Knife is a must-have.

At least I can’t travel without one.




A Fire Starter

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To survive in the cold, dark areas, the fire has a good role to play. Don’t forget to have a fire maker.

It could be anything, from a handy fire starter, lighter (that easily fits in your pocket) to waterproof matches.

First Aid Kit

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It’s one of the most basic items. Not just for hunting but for all kind of adventures.

Pick the best one with all the updated items like; bandages, sunblock, pain reliever and disinfectant wipes.




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Don’t forget to pack some easy-to-prepare food items with you. It may include some energy bars, tea bags and instant soup etc.

Water Purification Tablets

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Finding clean and clear water in such locations might be hard. Water purification tablets are the handiest way to get drinkable water each time.






Space Blanket

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You must be thinking how a blanket can be managed. I am talking about space blanket that is considered best for such trips. These are windproof, waterproof and so lightweight that you can easily fold, pack and carry them.

Cell Phone

Another must-have item for those who really want to make it out safely is your cell phone. The cell phone should be fully charged. Second to a cell phone can be a two-way radio. Both of these items should be kept in a waterproof container.

Appropriate Clothing

Your clothing and outerwear, both should be carefully picked. If it is winter, dressing up in layers is what I always do and suggest to others.


If you have a flashlight, that’s great but carrying a headlamp has its own benefits.

It always keeps your hand free from carrying the torch. And you can walk in a more relaxed manner.

A Metal Cup

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A stainless-steel cup is a multi-purpose item. From boiling or drinking water to even cooking a meal, this small, handy cup can be a great companion.

A Thin Plastic Sheet

Lastly, you must have a thin and easily foldable plastic sheet. This could be useful in various situations. You can not only lie down on it but also can use it as a cover in spine-chilling cold or rain while hunting. So, pick the size of just about your length.

Best Hunting Backpacks for your Hunting Trip

Carrying all these above-mentioned items is not possible without a high-quality and durable backpack. For buying a backpack, you can’t compromise on quality. Here is some basic info that you all should know.

    * Before buying your hunting companion, make sure that the fabric is waterproof, durable and lightweight.
    * For big game hunters, a framed backpack (both internal and external) is highly recommended. In framed one, the weight is transmitted on your backside.
    * Looking for just a daypack for small game hunting, you can buy the frameless ones. In frameless backpacks, the weight remains on your shoulders.


My last words are just for your safety. Whether you are a seasoned or a novice hunter, your safety comes first. Make sure you have got all these gears in your most suitable backpack before you set out to the final hunt.

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  1. David nice list. But, I guess you forgot to mention backpack. You need a high quality survival backpack to keep those things.

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