Tactics of the Crescent Moon: Militant Muslim Combat Methods

Tactics of the Crescent Moon
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The tactics in this book deserve a lot of thought.  It is my opinion that war will eventually come to America, and those that fight against our citizens will either fight in the manner described in this book, or will be defeated by the tactics described within.Tactics of the Crescent Moon is required reading at Forts Benning and Leavenworth (and some Marine commands), because it fully details the Islamists’ yet-to-be-defeated 4GW method.

That method is best countered by “light” infantry tactics, but America has had only “line” infantry since 1943.

Its modern sequel travels mostly by truck and fights mostly with supporting arms. That’s because the Pentagon still practices a “higher-tech” version of 2GW (killing as many enemy as possible).

How to operate the latest equipment takes up so much of the young infantryman’s day that he never learns how to sneak up on an expert defender.

He and his buddies don’t become any less visible by donning advanced electronics, so their traditional small-unit maneuvers remain just as predictable. Instead of historical artifacts, all Posterity Press books should be viewed as vehicles of long-overdue change.

I don’t know if that description is interesting to you, but I think it makes this book required reading for those concerned about Islamism.

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