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Techniques Of Medieval Armor Reproduction

Book Review: Techniques Of Medieval Armor Reproduction
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I play around with hot metal, I am just piddling, and while workable, none of my creations would past the inspection of a real blacksmith. However, I do enjoy it, and would like have enough time to practice more.

When I saw Techniques Of Medieval Armor Reproduction on Paladin Press’s scruffy list, I figured that at 50% off I could afford to take a chance on it. When I got this book, I was impressed at how much information was backed into this book.

While this book is geared toward established blacksmiths that want to recreate authentic pieces for SCA and other reenactors and other recreational sword bashers, it has a little for everyone.

It has a section of shop setup and tools, as well as showing specific techniques.

If you are interested in metal working, or medieval life in general, then this is a book worth reading. Now that I have it in my library, I believe it is worth buying at full price…

Techniques Of Medieval Armor Reproduction is one of the favorite books in my library.  I don’t have the skill to do anything in the book yet, but I am wanting to try my hand at chainmail at some point.

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