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The New Complete Joy of Homebrewing

Book Review: The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing
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I discovered The New Complete Joy of Homebrewing at a local discount book store, and now that I own it, I would happily pay full price for a new copy if I should ever lose or destroy this copy.

This is not a recipe book, although it does contain some recipes. This is a troubleshooting guide, as well as a reference packed full of charts and tables.

If you want to know the chemistry behind your brewing, become consistent in the flavor of your finished product, or just start brewing, then I recommend The New Complete Joy of Homebrewing.

I personally spend more time making wine and mead, than I do brewing beer, and this guide is geared toward brewing beer, this book has enough depth that it is useful for all three pursuits.

When I started this site I was fond of saying I liked to make alcohol, but I didn’t really like drinking it, but here lately, I am starting to turn the other way.

I think as life progresses we change, and we begin to adopt different attitudes based upon what we choose to let into our life.  For me its more drinking and screwing around with little projects, with others I have no idea.

Not saying this is a bad thing, but it does make you wonder what you are allowing in your life, because just as it is true that when one door closes another opens, it is also true that as you walk through a door you lock another behind you.

As I said, I like this book, and I bet if you like home-brewing, you will like it also.

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