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TrashPod Launch Review

Gear Review: TrashPod Launch
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Those people that know me understand that my car is a disaster zone.  The dealer has told me repeatedly that my cube is not an off road vehicle.  I have over 120,000 miles and still have 2 more years to pay on the thing and I bought it new…

Being a road warrior, all sorts of mess accumulates on the floorboard of my vehicle.  I keep cleaning it up, and it keeps accumulating.  It is embarassing.

Then I was introduced to the trashpod, I had to try it out.  The company was gracious enough to allow me one to share with you and I recently tried it out as I had meetings and training all over Middle TN last week.

Basically, the trashpod is a nylon shell protecting a waterproof liner.  It is designed to be used as an easily removed car garbage can.

The bag is pretty sturdy and stays open by itself.  at the top of the bag there is some webbing with quick release straps that hold the bag to the headrest of the seat.

I especially like the nylon pouches that cover the outside of the trash pod.  I keep my phone chargers, radio clips, and various other bits and pieces essential to my work.

I did make two changes to the designed use.  Instead of resting the pod on the back of the seat, I placed it in the front of the passenger seat.  I rarely have passengers, but I do have a car seat for my WT.  This gives him room and lets me take greater advantage of the trashpod.

I also use a garbage bag in the pod.  You do not have to do this, but I find it makes it easier to clean it out.

I have no complaints with the trash pod.  It works great.  Actually, I need to get two more.  One for my wife and one for the work truck.

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