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How to Travel with Liquids Without Having Spills


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If you are backpacking, traveling with suitcases and airports, or packing a get home or get out of dodge bag there are some common similarities that make life easier. Pack only what you need, put the more common items near the top, and be careful when packing things like liquids or they will leak all over your gear.

Today’s tip for Traveling with Liquids is an easy way to prevent spillage in your luggage. Simply unscrew the top of your shampoo, conditioner, or any other liquids with flip top openings, place a small square of plastic wrap over the bottle opening and then replace the lid.

This will mimic the safety seal that comes on certain liquids and will prevent any liquid from being released – even if the top is opened in your bag.

I hope this helps, and more importantly, I hope it helps people keep their eyes open for novel and efficient means of solving problems.

I used to travel a lot for work, and have had shampoo or toothpaste bottles explode in my luggage.  When traveling with liquids, having the top open up and the contents leak out is NOT a way to enjoy a hotel stay.

This tip is very easy to do, and it has stopped all leakage in my bags.


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