Travis Tomasie World’s Fastest Reload

Travis Tomasie World's Fastest Reload

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Travis Tomasie is a member of the Army Marksmanship Unit, he gets to spend his days practicing, competing, and teaching firearm usage.  He was not born with the skill to throw a magazine into a handgun with amazing speed and accuracy – he earned his ability through lots of practice.  If you want the world’s fastest reload then you need to get up off the computer grab an unloaded handgun and some magazines – stand over your bed (so the magazines can fall to an place you can quickly pick them up) and practice practice practice.

If you want to beat Travis Tomasie on the world’s fastest reload it is simple:

When your hands get tired – keep practicing

When you wife (or husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, momma, father, dog, best friend) gets frustrated at the time you spend – keep practicing

When you feel the urge to stop – keep practicing

If you practice perfect form, start slow, stay smooth, and speed up only when your skill increases you WILL get this fast.

Having a fast reload is not rocket science, it is pure muscle memory that you earn by doing.  No one can give you this skill, it can’t be taught or bought.  Good coaches can help but you have to earn speed by long hours of going slow and getting it right.

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