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Uvpaqlite: The Rechargeable Glowstick Review


Gear Review: Uvpaqlite
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I don’t do reviews all that often, but not too long ago survivalblog had a passing mention about a new company that made reusable glowstick the size of a chemlite. I immediately ordered a couple of uvpaqlites for my personal evaluation.

Basically the devices are containing strontium crystals that are doped with other rare earth elements to form the latest generation of glow in the dark technology. These crystals charge very quickly from any type of visible light and glow for quite a long time. As with most glow in the dark devices, the stronger and longer the light source charging the crystals the brighter and longer they give off glow.

Glowing Crystals in a Sealed Package

The company that produces the crystals is called and the crystals come in either glued inside a robust flat plastic sheet that reminds me of vacuum seal bags, or plastic tubes filled with clear epoxy.

Since I had never heard of the company before, I did not want to spend a lot of money on my first evaluation set was pretty inexpensive. I purchased the smallest product in both lines – the flat 4×6 mini uvpaqlite for $3.50 and the key chain sized tooblite mini for $4.95.

I received the package pretty quickly in the mail and wasted no time in charging them and trying them out. In my first video they had only charged for an hour or two since I only charged them from the time I got the mail until it got dark that evening.

While my camera did not take a very good video, I was able to use the mini paqlite in my pantry to read the labels on my can goods. It was bright enough that if I held it next to something I could make out what it was.

UVPaqlite Review II


I think this size of paqlite would be very good as a trail marker or a way to find something in the dark, We used the chain it came with to attach it to the pull switch on our bedroom ceiling fan, and the light it gets during the day (even with the shades drawn) is enough that I can always quickly find the light switch. it is not a replacement for a flashlight.

The tubelight went on my keychain, and even though it is normally in my pocket, I use it to help me find my keys and the door knob when I come home at night. It also helps when I misplace my keys, in the morning, as I get up while it is still dark out, and if I turn off the lights I can just look for the glow.

Great Product

The company that sells these lites says that the larger size will light up a small dome tent, and while I did not try it, I believe it would. Once again my camera did not do these devices justice, but I could set the large paqlite in my living room and make out the walls and location of the exits. It would not light the room up enough to read by, but I could use it to find my glasses, flashlight, or other personal protective devices.

I keep the 8×15 paqlite on the dash of my work vehicle, where it is constantly receiving a charge, that way when I get in the truck at night, I can see where all my tools are. It also helps me differentiate my vehicle from everyone else’s as they are all unmarked white SUVs. The large tooblite is attached to the outside of my daypack where I can use it if I have to make an unscheduled trip into the woods. I know that even if I forget to check my flashlight batteries I will at least have some form of light,.  Now, I don’t know about you, but whenever I am sitting around a campfire at night I always seem to lose something important and have to fumble around in the dark looking for it.

These products are very well made, and while the manufacturer suggested I do a destructive review to show how robust they are, I really don’t want to shoot them and have to go out and buy a replacement.

I thought about driving over them, as I believe they could handle that without damage…


All in all, I think these are great products, and when used according to their limitations have a definite use in a prepared household. I had planned on buying the larger sizes to use while camping, but the company contacted me and asked me if I would review their larger lites. Of course I said I would. (FTC disclaimer – I received no payment for the review, but

I did receive two paqlites from the company at no cost to me, which I intend to keep).
I shortly received the larger Tooblite glow stick (about 8 inches long) which retails for $6.95 and the large 8×15 paqlite which costs $24.00. As a side note they came in a clear envelope which allowed them to come charged – I wonder what the post office thought of them glowing in their trucks.

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