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Wifi Extender Review

Gear Review: Wifi Extender
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When I got the chance to review this wifi extender – repeater/signal booster I said yes. I use the internet almost 24-7 I use it for research, for my work, and for entertainment. With my son using a e-reader, my wife an i-pad and laptop, and my using the my phone and computer at the same time we had a lag problem

This wifi extender helped remedy some of that. We now have am much stronger signal and I have noticeably faster speeds.

It wasn’t hard to set up either. Just plug it in, log into the device and enter your wireless password, then select the wifi repeater as your device’s internet source and enter the password.

That is all it takes, additionally, it includes usb charging ports so you get a lot of functionality in a small device.

My goal for this WiFi Extender is to use it to boost signal so I can install a wifi camera.  This camera would be at my gate so I can record people entering the land.  Its too far a distance to go directly from gate to shipping container, so a booster will help.

I actually have a review of a wireless camera coming so stay tuned.  If you want to have more options, I have linked to a review of the 8 best wifi enabled cameras.

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