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11 Unique Gifts for Gun Lovers Who Concealed Carry

11 Unique Gifts for Gun Lovers Who Concealed Carry
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Having trouble finding the perfect gift for the gun lover in your life?

Look no further: from holsters to home decor, fashion to field gear, here are 11 Unique Gifts for Gun Lovers Who Concealed Carry.

I would love any of the items in this post, and knowing fellow gun enthusiasts, I bet your loved one would love them also.

Speaking from experience, many gun guys feel misunderstood.  The idea of someone enjoying firearms or taking the personal responsibility to be willing to protercdt themselves and their loved ones using a firearm is not popular in the mainstream.  (or at least thats what the media portrays.)

Giving a gun related item to us signifies acceptance of our hobby and means much much more than a tie or a gift card.

  1. Body Shield

Concealed carriers shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for security. When gun lovers are out and about, the last thing they want is a pistol chafing their hip all day.

Holster Partner’s “Packin’ Partner” body shield is carefully designed to relieve the pressure on pinch points and protect concealed carriers from the uncomfortable chafing of IWB (Inside Waist Band) holsters. Made of high-quality cowhide, the “Packin’ Partner” comes in multiple sizes, attaching easily to a holster or two so your favorite gun lover gets maximum protection.

Easy to install and comfortable even in cramped quarters or during strenuous exercise, the Holster Partner Body Shield has the added perk of protecting your holster from sweat.

  1. MUNITIO 9mm Earbuds

If you’re looking for a gift your gun lover will never forget, look no further. These high-performance bullet-shaped earbuds get rave reviews from their owners.

The cords are Kelvar reinforced, the speaker drivers are made with neodymium magnets made from rare-earth elements, and the earbuds themselves are titanium-coated and sport a “MUNITIO 9mm” head stamp.

MUNITIO earbuds come with silicone tips in three sizes, promising excellent noise isolation, and the sound is so rich that users compare it to a swig of 20-year-old scotch—but with a killer bass.

  1. Canvas Cross Trail Vest

At DeerGear, we offer a variety of rugged vests for gun lovers, including this custom Cross Trail Vest with a gun lover’s twist: 7” long interior chest pockets designed specifically for concealed carry.

Equally comfortable for left or right-handed users, this heavy-duty vest is equipped to handle anything from subcompact handguns to full-size pistols and revolvers. Its features include two snap pockets for extra magazines, a heavy duty metal zipper, and reinforced shoulders.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, it’s 100% cotton canvas insulated with quilted polyfill lining. You can’t get more rugged (and comfy) than that.

  1. Annie Jacket

There’s a reason it’s named after Annie Oakley. This conceal carry jacket from ScotteVest is perfect for the woman who’s looking to make maximum use of her fashion. On the outside, it’s a stylish black softshell, but on the inside, it’s a 35-pocket weapons arsenal.

With a handgun pocket, sub-pockets for magazines, and loop faces for attaching a second holster or a badge, this jacket is a once-in-a-lifetime find for your favorite gun-toting girl.

  1. Belladonna Purse sells this gem: a concealed carry purse with a re-positionable universal holster that the carrier can customize to her ideal draw.

As fashionable as it is functional, the 13” x 10” x 4” Belladonna is loaded with features, including five interior pockets, two exterior pockets, and a cut-resistant shoulder strap reinforced with metal wire.

Crafted from Teknograin leather and available in black, brown, or cream, this purse is as durable as they come.

  1. Neoprene Calf Holster

Neoprene is hailed by many as the most comfortable holster material ever to hit the market. If your concealed carrier is going to be spending long days out and about, you can’t do better than this breathable, lightweight option.

BugBite Holsters offers a sleek, streamlined Neoprene holster that zips around the wearer’s calf, fitting comfortably and invisibly under a pair of pants (as long as your concealed carrier isn’t the skinny-jeans-only type).

It comes in five sizes to accommodate legs of all shapes, and it holds not only a pistol but a spare magazine.

  1. Neoprene Belly Holster

If you’re in the comfort department but looking for something a little more versatile, ComfortTac’s “Ultimate Belly Band” might be just the ticket.

Made with surgical grade elastic, this holster handles subcompact, compact, and full-size handguns with equal ease. With a pocket for a spare magazine and the ability to fit any waistline up to 46 inches, this superbly comfortable Neoprene product is as popular as it is ingenious.

It also comes with an optional retention strap, complete with metal clip for a swift, silent draw.

  1. Clipdraw

These unobtrusive metal “holsters” hit the stealth nail on the head and eliminate the need for worry when your concealed carrier is choosing an outfit for the day.

The lump and bump of a leather holster can be hard to conceal, but the Clipdraw attaches to the side of the pistol and slides unobtrusively onto the carrier’s waistband, making the gun all but invisible. With the hem of a jacket or the edge of a shirt hanging over it, you’d never know there was anything there.

Advertised as ideal for urban and suburban environments, the Clipdraw is a fantastic piece of tech for any wearer who is going to spend time around people and is looking to keep their profile low and their draw slick.

  1. Posse EDC Sling Pack

The Posse, from 3V Gear, is a bag of many talents. An ambidextrous shoulder bag that features two concealed carry pockets, this beauty is large enough to hold all the adventure essentials—food, water, ammo, First Aid—yet small enough to sling easily over one shoulder.

Armed with elastic strap keepers and padded for premium comfort, the Posse has one loop field inside the pack and another on the outer pouch, designed for conceal carry holsters. The latest version features a larger CCW pocket for those who carry larger handguns.

This bag has scored 10 out of 10 ratings in every category on Amazon and can handle the toughest wear and tear of urban or outdoor adventuring.

  1. Gunpowder Candle

Whether you’re hoping to add a western ambiance to a rural homestead or give an urban jungle an adventurous edge, a gunpowder-scented candle is a great addition to a gun lover’s decor.

Available on Etsy from A-to-Z Candles, these unique creations come in 1 oz., 9 oz., and 16 oz. glass jars. They are made from 100% non-GMO soy wax, with cotton wicks and top quality fragrance oils, and the largest size will burn for 100 hours.

If glass-jar candles aren’t your gun lover’s thing, the creators also offer gunpowder-scented car freshener, reed diffusers, tin candles, tea lights, wax melts, and room/body spray.

 45 Caliber House Key

There are few things more mundane than a house key. But a house key shaped like a .45 handgun is another matter entirely!

These nifty little inventions ensure that you’ll never mix up your keys again, and may result in a jab of happiness every time you stick that pistol barrel into your front door. Available at, this is a gift that will come in handy every single day.

I hope that these gifts for gun lovers gives you some ideas.  If you didn’t see anything on this page that excites you, then try my amazon influencer page, it is links of the things found on this site, as well as things I think the followers of this site would like.  I also have a partner page of affiliate links related to this website.

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