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Ask me no Questions, I’ll Tell you no Lies

Book Review: Ask me no Questions, I'll Tell you no Lies
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Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies is a pretty interesting book, especially since courts have long held that law enforcement officers can lie to you.

There have been several instances of innocent individuals convicted based upon statements they have made to cops that were taken out of context.

If your a thug, and criminal then you deserve to go to jail, but in today’s world it seems like people are having to deal with regulatory agencies with law enforcement power that are more more taking action for political instead of criminal reasons.

If you are a prepper – and don’t want to be labeled an extremist, hoarder, or any other derogatory name based upon an interview with some government bbbureaucrat, then the ideas in this book should be in your mental toolbox.

I know some investigators, and they are mostly trained in the Reid method of interrogation, this book is a good way to keep the Reid method from tripping you up and getting you to say things that may incriminate you.  Now, I don’t want guilty guys to beat the system – I work for the system.

However, I cannot stand when an innocent person is suspect because they don’t have experience in the system.  Experience that comes from being a bad guy….

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