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Homes for Jubilee


Book Review: Homes for Jubilee
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I got the book Homes for Jubilee because it was recommended by someone I trust.  You may remember the mortar sprayer I got from that I used to build the “Dome of Doom“.  This was also known as the boulder looking dome I mashed up for the Doomsday Preppers episode I was on.  Anyway Nolan from mortarsprayer told me that David B South (the co-inventor of the Monolithic dome) teamed up with Herb Nordmeyer to write a book about building low cost domes in Disaster ravaged Hati.

Basically Mr. Nordmeyer has been traveling to Haiti for the past 4 years helping build disaster resitant communities.  This book shows how he did that using the ecoshell dome system.

The book is divided into sections, the first sections describes the problem, the third is the solution, and the last details how exactly to build a monolithic dome using the ecoshell.

It is a fascinating book, and you all know how much I like domes.  As I said in the video, I am fond of the conduit geodesic domes, as I have not yet purchased a air form yet (but the form used to build these domes costs about 3k new and can be reused)  It is something I am interested in, but it just has not gotten to the top of the list.

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