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Garlic Knot Pizza Casserole

Garlic Knot Pizza Casserole
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Garlic Knot Pizza Casserole is a kid friendly recipe that my boy loves making more than he likes eating it.  Which is funny because he begs for pizza every night.  For some reason WT likes opening up cans of whomp biscuits.

This makes a pretty good supper for those nights that you want some comfort food but are tired and don’t want an involved recipe.

You don’t have to add as much topping as we did, and you can vary the toppings just like any pizza. However, you do want a liquid sauce on the top of the casserole as that helps the biscuits cook to the right consistency and texture.

Cooking with your kids is a pretty important part of parenting, at least in my mind.  It not only shows you want to spend time with them, it teaches cause and effect, math, following directions, and patience.

Garlic Knot Pizza Casserole


  • Brown hamburger
  • 2 rolls of can biscuits
  • Maranara Sauce
  • Melted Butter
  • Cheese


  • Brown the hamburger
  • Mix marinara with the cooked hamburger
  • Add butter to bottom of pan
  • Cut individual biscuits into 4 pieces
  • Add Biscuit pieces to the pan
  • Add garlic powder to top of biscuits
  • Pout sauce/meat mix over biscuits
  • Add pepperoni
  • Add cheese
  • Bake for 25 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit


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