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Harbor Freight Propane Torch Review


Harbor Freight Propane Torch
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Buying an affordable piece of raw land typically means either spending a lot of money or inheriting someone’s problems.  Since I don’t have a lot of money I got a piece of property with lots of issues.  The main one being that the previous owner basically abandoned it and it was horribly grown up.

With the land being more than an hour from my home cleaning the land was a nightmare.  Getting there and getting to work took time.  Luckilly I have a secret weapon.

FIRE!  Fire has been used to clear land for as long as the earth has had humans.  The problem is controlling the fire.

To clear my land I burned firebreaks by closely controlling the burn on one side and sectioning off the land so that the fire could only spread in the direction I wanted.

I was helped in my controlled burn by my harbor freight propane torch.


It is October 2018 and this torch is still going strong.  It sits on my back deck exposed to the elements and while it is rusty, I use it a few times a week to light my grill.

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