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PSKOOK Fire Bow Kit Review


PSKOOK Fire Bow Kit
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Today I want to show something I have wanted to try for decades – a Fire Bow Kit.  This one comes from Amazon and it only costs $15.80 with prime shipping.

It did not come with instructions, and it is not the typical American survival bow, but that does not mean it is not cool.

This one has an interesting wrap of cord that allows the bow to slide back and forth – like a traditional bow drill fire set, but with more power as the string can’t slip.

I was very quickly able to make smoke – lots of smoke, even some embers, but I was not able to make the embers ignite the jute enough to start a fire.

I would be wrong to say it was the kit’s fault, it worked great – but I just did not practice enough to make it work.

Right now I am wanting to get this post out so you can see this kit – I never thought you could actually buy a bow drill fire set, but rest assured this is something I will practice until I can get it right – and then learn how the cord wrap works.

I think with some cotton balls I could have gotten a fire.  But I am not blaming the kit, I just need to practice – actually, trying different homemade firestarters and maybe some instafire, may be a video series.  What do you think?

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