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IronClad 25lb Rubber Coated Gun Magnet Review


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I have had a couple different brand of gun magnets over the years.  The idea is simple.  They are a mountable magnet that you can attach to an object to keep a gun out of sight but easily accessible.

These gun magnets are well designed – they are rubber coated so they won’t scratch your firearm, and they come with some pretty aggressive Phillips mounting screws so the magnet can be sturdily mounted.

I don’t use these that often anymore – having kids means most all of my guns stay in the safe, but there are places these gun magnets are appropriate for – but I am not telling where I keep mine….

However, some ideas may be; under the dash of your car, under kitchen cabinets, under the computer desk, behind the from door, on the bed frame.

I like that they come in different sizes – 25 and 35 pounds so you can use them for pistols and long guns.

But don’t think they are just for guns – you can use these in the shop as well.  I have more than one, and have attached cord to one and use it as a retrieval tool.  These magnets are strong and small.

Remember there are many gun magnets on the market, some cheaper, some much more expensive, but the ironclad  gun magnet

  • Won’t Scratch Your Gun
  • Made for Quick Draw in Case of Emergency
  • Holds Up to a 25lb Gun

If this is something you can use in your home situation, then I highly recommend this brand of gun magnet.  It is high quality and a great value.

Currently this Iron Clad Gun Magnet has two promotions on Amazon save 25% 0n 4 (buy 3 get one free) and 15% on 2 individual gun magnet sets.


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