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Summates Solar Light 2-Pack Review


Gear Review: Summates Solar Light 2-Pack
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I am a big fan of solar lights, and after reviewing a similar product a few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to review this 2-pack of similar LED solar lights.

Compared to the original lights, this product had some changes. This model had a easy to operate on and off switch at the bottom of the light, and it had a adhesive strip to make mounting easier. The Hobbymate version seemed brighter, but to be fair, I haven’t had a lot of sunlight since I installed the lights on the land.

These things work great on off grid locations, I have one at the door to my shipping container, and outside on my utility pole.  I also have one with my goats.  Places I may need to visit in the dark.

The 50,000 hour led lights are not going to burn out anytime soon, and with a solar panel on top, I don’t have to worry about batteries.

This is a great invention, and I plan on getting several more similar solar light devices as funds become available.

I think these lights would work great on fence posts to set out my land boundaries and illuminate no trespassing signs.

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