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T-Post Puller Review

Gear Review: T-Post Puller
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I have tried all manner of ways to pull t-posts.  I finally spent the money on a dedicated t-post puller.  Let me tell you the $40 was well spent.  I recently was offered a bunch of posts from my father in law if I came and took down a fence.  I allotted 4 days to do it based upon my experiences with DIY hacks.  I pulled over 100 poles in just a few hours.  They were deeply embedded, goat tight posts that were in the ground for over 10 years.

I only bent one pole.

It is a very easy tool to use, the arm has a grooved arm that snags on the t-post teeth and since the fulcrum is so close to the arm, it pulls almost straight up.

I also like how the arm has a chain hook, but I haven’t gotten a chance to see how it pulls small saplings yet.

My video does not show the deeply set and time embedded posts I pulled out at my in-laws.  They decided to get out of the goat business and turned much of their pasture into grape arbors.

The cross fences made it hard for them to do work on the grapes so they gave me the poles.  I allotted several days to dig them all out, but I did it in two short mornings.

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