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The Complete Soapmaker

Making soap is an essential homesteading skill of our forefathers.  Imagine how life would be if you did not have soap.  Not only for hygiene, but for disease prevention.

For years I avoided making soap for fear it was too complicated and dangerous.  However, The Complete Soapmaker and books like it made me realize it was not that hard to make soap.I found an easy soap method that took little effort and made my first batch of soap.  I still have some in the kitchen and I am pretty proud of the result.

I even added the how to in my Food Preservation book.

The problem is, once you start making soap you tend to keep wantingto experiment.  I had to put a stop to it before I started making blueberry lavender touchy feely soap.

I have a reputation to uphold and I can’t make too many feminine products.  Beeswax Nipple balm is about a girly as I can go.  Fragrant soap is over the limit.

Seriously thought, The Complete Soapmaker is a valuable book to have in your prepper/homesteader library.  Making soap is not hard, its not that expensive, and it is a valuable skill for times of need.

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